~ FAQ ~
Here, we consolidate all your frequently asked questions and our answers for your quick reference!

Q: Do the masks come with the original box?
A: No. Our masks are sold without the box, in individual packs. The original boxes were removed before being shipped to Singapore to reduce weight and volume.

Q: When are the masks manufactured?
A: All of our masks have at least 6 months' remaining shelf life. Most of them are manufactured in year 2011. All My Beauty Diary masks have 3-year shelf life from date of manufacture.

Q: Are your My Beauty Diary masks genuine/authentic?
A: Definitely yes. All our My Beauty Diary masks are 100% original, genuine, authentic, brought in direct from Taiwan. We inspect each and every one of the masks to ensure that they are not fake, replica, or imitation.

Q: How come you are able to sell those masks much cheaper than many other online shops?
A: We are always on the lookout for better and cheaper suppliers (yet providing genuine products) so that we are able to save on our cost and thus pass on our savings to our customers in terms of low selling prices.

Q: Why do you have so many bundles to choose from?
A: We have a wide range of customers with different needs and preferences, and in order to cater to their requests, we have several bundles for them to choose from.

Q: Can I mix masks from different bundle types?
A: No. This is due to the difference in their prices.

Q: How long can I reserve the masks?
A: Reservation is not allowed. This is to be fair to other buyers.
However, ordered items will be reserved for up to 48 hours. If full payment is not received by then, ordered items will be made available for other buyers to purchase.
This is to prevent items from being reserved for infinite period.

Q: Can I pre-order the sold out masks?
A: Pre-ordering is currently not available. We will consider to have this feature in the near future.

Q: Why is it that some of the masks packaging different from others?
A: Mid of year 2010, My Beauty Diary has had a new packaging. As such, the design and things printed on the packaging is a little different from that of the old packaging. See below for an example.

Note that left mask is old packaging. Right mask is new packaging. Both are genuine My Beauty Diary masks.

Q: I tried using your masks. Some of them feel different from others. Why?
A: The reason why some masks feel different is because of the change of material of the mask sheets by the manufacturer Tong Yi since mid of year 2010.
Since mid of year 2010, My Beauty Diary made an improvement to the material of the mask sheets used. They were made thinner, so that it is easier for our skin to absorb the essence from the mask.
We have stocks that are manufactured before mid of year 2010 as well as those manufactured after that.
In short, masks before mid 2010: use old packaging (see picture in previous question) and the mask sheets are slightly thicker.
Masks from mid 2010: use new packaging (see picture previous question) and the mask sheets are slightly thinner.
Despite the above changes, ingredients of the masks remain the same.

Q: I am skeptical about your masks being real. How can you prove them?
A: While it is easy to prove something is fake, it is difficult to prove it is real. There are many ways to tell if a MBD mask is fake. Do a simple google and you can find dozens of websites with those information. If you do not trust us to sell you genuine products, then don't buy from us.

Q: I have given the wrong address when ordering. What should I do?
A: Inform us immediately. If your items have not been posted, we will make the necessary changes then make the posting.
Otherwise, if the items have already been posted out, we will wait to see if the items get returned to us. If yes, then we will re-deliver to the correct address. Do note that customers will have to bear the full fees involved for re-delivery.

Q: Can you guarantee that the items that I ordered will reach me in perfect condition?
A: We do proper packaging of the items, then send to SingPost for delivery to customers.
If the delivery type chosen is Normal Mail, then we cannot track the status of the delivery of the package.
If Registered Mail is chosen, we will give customers a tracking number to track the status of the package sent.
As delivery is done by SingPost, we are not able to guarantee the condition of the package when it reached our customers.
We will not be held liable for any goods damaged/lost while delivery.

Q: I want to buy in bulk to resell. How much would the prices be then?
A: We welcome both consumers as well as resellers to buy from us. Email us for more information.

Q: Do you ship overseas?
A: At the moment, we do not ship to outside of Singapore.

Q: Why are some masks discontinued?
A: The original manufacturer has stopped producing these masks, therefore we are unable to import them.

If you have a question not found here, drop us an email! Our contact can be found in the Contact Information page.