~ Lucky Draws ~
Our lucky draws are held once a week, on every Saturday.
Draw result will be published on this page by Sunday.
1 lucky draw # will be given for each purchase order.
Good luck!

Prize for upcoming draw:

1 prize of: 3 x My Beauty Diary mask (randomly selected flavours) and 3 x Shiseido mask (randomly selected flavours). Total worth $10.20.

Congratulations to all the winners!
Below are the draw results:

Draw Date Winning # Winner Name
22-Oct-2011 ? ?
15-Oct-2011 20110506041500 C***** O*
8-Oct-2011 20110407000056 T** W** Y*
1-Oct-2011 20110226014000 S***** T**
24-Sep-2011 20110224204000 A** T**
17-Sep-2011 20110127140900 Y** J****
10-Sep-2011 20110122005000 H*** B***
3-Sep-2011 20110214102000 Q*** P** L***
27-Aug-2011 20110223014000 J******* O**
20-Aug-2011 20110224113001 J**** P****
13-Aug-2011 20110305215006 S**** L**
6-Aug-2011 20110316070900 C*** W** Y**
30-Jul-2011 20110415131200 V****** Y**
23-Jul-2011 20110201140000 A*****
16-Jul-2011 20110123103000 C***** W***
9-Jul-2011 20110323213015 H***** Z****
2-Jul-2011 20110531151931 T** S*****
25-Jun-2011 20110606121000 J***** C*****
18-Jun-2011 20110606082005 P***** G**
11-Jun-2011 20110115192800 T*** H**
4-Jun-2011 20110329110015 C****** W***
28-May-2011 20101220110000 W** X**
21-May-2011 20110517182016 L**** T**
14-May-2011 20110325005038 S***** L**
7-May-2011 20110216000700 L** Y**
30-Apr-2011 20110201183000 Y*** L**
23-Apr-2011 20101206232000 L** J*** K***
16-Apr-2011 20110228224000 A**** S***
9-Apr-2011 20110404004226 K**** C***
2-Apr-2011 20110120140000 M******
26-Mar-2011 20110314093900 S***** L**
19-Mar-2011 20110108003000 M***** Y**
12-Mar-2011 20110116192800 T*** H**
5-Mar-2011 20110123103000 C***** W***
26-Feb-2011 20110216000700 L** Y**
19-Feb-2011 20101125180000 C******* K**
12-Feb-2011 20110116173000 L* C*** Y**
5-Feb-2011 20110112104400 A*** C****
29-Jan-2011 20110108003000 M***** Y**
22-Jan-2011 20101126214000 E***** O**
15-Jan-2011 20101209092000 M*******
8-Jan-2011 20101203053000 S** J***
1-Jan-2011 20101208173900 L*** L**
25-Dec-2010 20101208003000 H*** B***
18-Dec-2010 20101031174000 X* L*** L***
11-Dec-2010 20101206232000 L** J*** K***
4-Dec-2010 20101027201000 A*** I****
27-Nov-2010 20101028093003 Y*** Y***
20-Nov-2010 20101030014000 D*** L**
13-Nov-2010 20101018222000T T**** L**
6-Nov-2010 20101030182000 M*****
30-Oct-2010 20100919231029J J**** G**
23-Oct-2010 20101017075700C C***** T**
16-Oct-2010 20100922154945C C***** K***
9-Oct-2010 20101003171743E E***** T****

All draw results are final and no correspondence will be entertained.
We reserve the right to publish winners' names on this page.

Winners, please contact us within 3-months from the draw date to verify particulars in order to claim your prize*.
Our contact can be found in the Contact Information page.

Unclaimed prizes will be consolidated and re-drawn at a later date, so check this page often to avoid missing out!

* Terms & Conditions apply.