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Item Type: Mask

Brand: My Beauty Diary

Series: Natural Key

Flavour: Strawberry Yogurt

Size: 1 Piece, 30g


Strawberry Yogurt Mask whitens and refines skin and control excessive sebum secretion.

Natural strawberry extract contains AHA, minerals and enzyme to leave skin clean, fair and fresh. Yogurt extract balances sebum secretion and tightens pores. Arbutin leaves skin luminous.

It also helps enhance skinís moisture level.

Suitable For: Normal skin and combination skin.

Directions on how to use masks:
1. Cleanse face before putting on mask. Massage excess essence onto neck.
2. After 20-30 minutes, remove mask and gently massage face to assist absorption.
3. No need to rinse if you want to apply toner, moisturizer, etc.
4. Use daily for best effect.

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