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Item Type: Mask

Brand: My Beauty Diary

Series: Luxury

Flavour: White Truffle Fantastic Whitening

Size: 1 Piece, 30g


White Truffle Fantastic Whitening Mask adopts French White Truffle and two whitening ingredients, Tranexamic Acid and SAP (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate). This luxurious treatment helps brighten up dull, pale and uneven-toned complexion.

Blended with soothing and whitening extracts, including Rosehips, Mulberry and cactus, it helps remove old cuticles. As a result, rough skin and spots are corrected. It also helps optimize the whitening benefits for translucent, white and flawless skin.

High-quality mask sheet ensures good capacity for beauty lotion. Skin reveals translucent white after use.

It brightens skin and softens spots.

Suitable For: Normal skin, especially dull and yellowish skin.

Directions on how to use masks:
1. Cleanse face before putting on mask. Massage excess essence onto neck.
2. After 20-30 minutes, remove mask and gently massage face to assist absorption.
3. No need to rinse if you want to apply toner, moisturizer, etc.
4. Use daily for best effect.

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