~ Why Buy From Us ~
New to XiaoWuGui.com? Here's 10 reasons why you should buy from us:

1) Latest fashion design: We seek to provide the newest and most sought-after design, so that you have only the best to choose from.

2) Quality products: We sell only 100% genuine, authentic, originals that are of good quality. No fake, imitation, replicas or copycat products.

3) Specialized products: We don't try to sell everything under the sun because you don't need them all. We only have products that can truely Bring Out the Best in You.

4) Lowest price: You can be assured of buying from us at the lowest price. If after your purchase, within 14 days, the same item (identified by same item code) is being sold by us at a lower price, let us know and we will refund you the difference.

5) Variety of promotions: We have many different promotions from time to time to cater to the wide range of customers, so you can be sure at least 1 will suit you.

6) Prompt & friendly customer service: We seek to respond to all enquiries and feedback within 24 hours, and update order status at the earliest time possible.

7) Fast delivery: We have ready stocks. After receiving full payment, we will pack and bring the ordered item(s) to SingPost within 2 working days for delivery.

8) Free Shipping: Subject to promotion(s). More information on the Promotions page.

9) Free Gifts: Subject to promotion(s). More information on the Promotions page.

10) Free Lucky Draw chances to win attractive prizes: More information on the Lucky Draws page.

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